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The president’s handling of the economy has been the main line of attack by the Republicans running to face him in November, including former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who has said the recovery has been sluggish because of Obama’s policies.

Obama Advisers Revising Economic Outlook for Greater Job Growth - Bloomberg

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As I covered in my latest macro outlook, as long as the economy is improving, this is Obama’s election to lose.

The president’s political fate lies in which direction the economy takes.  So far so good.   

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Political Dynamic In Better Focus: Part Deux

Just ran across this article.  

This post is an update to this.  

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Political Dynamic In Better Focus

I speculated about what the political climate could look like with regards to further stimulus and tax increases here.  It looks like this dynamic may be beginning to occur when I see an article like this.  I’ll continue to monitor.  

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If this actually begins to gain traction, watch out globalism! 

If this actually begins to gain traction, watch out globalism! 

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